Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Law 12

Complete Activity Package 2.7 for Wednesday. The following is the work schedule for Student Vote.

Student Vote

Deputy Returning Officer Schedule

Wednesday October 14

Student Lounge

0830 - 0930hrs                  Liam Boyce                        Lucille Cheshire                 Marla Curl

0930 –1030hrs                  Nick Burhoe                       Nina Delgiglio                    Carly Drake

1030 – 1130hrs                 Caleb Edwardsen              Walker Ferguson              Holly Hamner

1130 – 1230hrs                 Paulo Guerreo                   Ieuan Husk                         Jenny Ischenko

1230 – 1330hrs                 Matthew Janik                  Dayna Russell     Francesco Moretta

1330 – 1430hrs                 Elise O’Connell                  Matthew Petterson          Lauren Rivard

1430 – 1530hrs                 Alana Macintosh               Gazaal Zahedi                    Jackson Holmes

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