Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Socials 10

For Tuesday. Complete viewing the site entitled:  North West Mounted Police: A Tradition in Scarlet.  View the short videos on Fort Walsh   and Fort Whoop-Up.  For fun have a listen to the Old Time Radio Lux Theater broadcast of the North West Mounted Police.  If you have some time view the movie Saskatchewan starring Alan Ladd from 1954.  It is noteworthy how Hollywood portrayed Canada to the rest of the world.

Did you know that Louis Riel was the subject of a made for television opera in 1969

Socials 8

The Chapter 6 Test is scheduled for Tuesday. A set of 30 study cards is mandatory.  You may use index cards to complete your study cards. IOS and Android apps are also acceptable.

Law 12

Chapter 5 Test is scheduled for Tuesday. There will be an essay. All Chapter 5 materials must be completed by then.  The date for completion of your wedding or divorce project is June 20.  Since the Project replaces a Final Exam as the method for completing the course, the value of the assignment will constitute 20% of your overall mark.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Social Studies 08

Complete Activity Package 6.1 for Wednesday.  The readings for 6.1 can be found by clicking here. Finish viewings the video The Art of Eternity - The Glory of Byzantium starting at the 25 minute mark.

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Social Studies 10

The George Simpson timeline is due on Friday.  Begin working on your storyboard for a Powerpoint on one of the indigenous tribes of the Canadian Prairies: The Cree, The Ojibwa, The Assiniboin or the Chippewyan.

Law 12

The Chapter 4 Test is scheduled for Monday.  All assignments for Chapter 4 including the online quiz should be completed.

Social Studies 08

The Chapter 5 Test is scheduled for Monday.  You must have the 40 questions review assignment completed by Friday.  Additionally you must complete the Chapter 5 Practice Test. We will be marking both in class on Friday.

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Friday, April 29, 2016

Social Studies 10

A large number of students still owe me a report on the North American Bison as outlined in Activity Package 3.3.  I will not be accepting submission of reports beyond Tuesday morning.  If you have not turned in the report in its proper format by that time you will receive a zero for the entire assignment. Activity Package 4.3 is due for Tuesday.  The readings for 4.3 can be found by clicking here.

Law 12

Activity Package 4.4/4.5 needs to be completed for Tuesday.  Students who have prepared and turned in the Arrest Handbook Activity will be given the opportunity to complete a test prepared by another student. Students who have not brought a completed Arrest Handbook Test to class on Tuesday will receive a zero for both the preparation and completion of the test.  In addition you will need to complete the Criminal Code Scavenger Hunt distributed in class on Friday.  An online searchable version of the Criminal Code of Canada can be found by clicking here. 

Social Studies 8

Activity Package 5.4 Parts I, IV, V and VI are due for Tuesday.  The readings for 5.4 can be found by clicking here.  If you are interested you can view the 1948 Classic with Ingrid Bergman Joan of Arc just for fun.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Social Studies 08

Complete Activity Package 5.1 for Tuesday.  Finish viewing The Norman Conquest from the 18 minute mark.