Monday, July 13, 2009

Social Studies 10 Summer School

1. Today's assignment The Reasons for Union (chart) is to be completed and turned in on Tuesday, July 14.

2. The Victorian Era poster assigned last Friday is due on Wednesday, July 15.

3. Marks have now been cut off for Mid-Term Reports. Any missing assignments will appear as zeroes on the Report. If you have missing or incomplete assignments your mark for the first week will be lower accordingly. In order to get the Pass credit for this course you must maintain at least a 60% standing. Students scoring lower than 60% by the Final Report will not receive credit for Social Studies 10.

4. The picture which accompanies this posting is of one of The Fathers of Confederation.
Answer the following three questions about this individual.
a. What was his name?
b. Of what political party was he the leader?
c. Of what newspaper was he the publisher?

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